Kathlee writes:

“My birthday is in September and I want a 15 but my mom said that’s too much money and I’ve asked for years and years she always said no, I need help.”

When you can't afford a QuinceWe know of many families who have not been able to afford a big Quinceañera bash like you read about in magazines and see on YouTube. But having a Quince for their daughter was important to them, so they budgeted within their means and planned their celebration to fit what they could afford.

The important thing is to celebrate this turning point in your life. It is recognizing that you are blossoming into a young lady. It is the expectation that you are now ready to accept the responsibilities of a young adult.  That is what a Quinceañera is all about.

You and your mom can plan a celebration with family and friends at your home or the home of a relative. (We know of families who had their party at a park.)

If you are able to, you can buy a new dress — a gown is not necessary. You can do the “Changing of the Shoes” where your mom or dad change your flat shoes into heels to symbolize that you are now grown up. You can invite friends to be in your Court of Honor, and together, you can make up a dance to perform at your party.

Even if you don’t have padrinos, there may be family or friends who are willing to help with cooking food for your guests. Instead of a photographer, you can buy disposable cameras for your guests to use or have them take pictures with their phones for you (these pictures are usually a lot more fun to look at!). And then of course, you can even videotape with a cell phone.

The important thing is to have fun! Be the princess for a day and enjoy being with your family and friends. Good luck!