The Quinceanera Ceremony Gifts and their Meaning

The Traditional Ceremony Gifts have special meaning for the Quinceanera celebration, and their honored significance relates to the Quinceanera’s coming of age. The Traditional Ceremony Gifts are special signs of loyalty and commitment to God, family and community. Where the celebration includes the Mass of Thanksgiving, the gifts are presented to the priest for special blessing.

In some Hispanic cultures, the gifts are given to the Quinceanera by “padrinos” (also called godparents or sponsors) specially chosen by the family. The padrinos who give the Traditional Ceremony Gifts are formally recognized, and often are part of the procession for either the church or reception ceremony, or do the presentation of the gifts to the priest for the blessing.

It is customary for the Quinceanera to receive some or all of the following items for her ceremony.

Quinceanera Bible

Bible and Rosary

Important resources to know and keep the word of God in her life.

Quinceanera Bible


Denotes a “princess” before God and the world; a triumph over childhood and ability to face the challenges ahead.

Silver Cross Pendant with Chain in Gift Box

Cross or Medal

Signifies faith – in God, in herself, and in her world.

The Scepter as a Ceremony Gift


Symbolizes authority, and more importantly, responsibility for her life, that is now being given to the young woman.

The Ceremony Gifts are the distinctive, precious treasures for the ceremony; a cherished custom that highlights the Quinceanera tradition.