Quinceanera Themes

Not sure what you want your quinceanera party theme to be?

Recently, we received an email:

“Hello, my name is Amy and I am turning 16 in June. I’m not sure what I want my theme to be. Maybe you can help by sending a list of different kinds of themes? I’m open to anything. Thanks 🙂 “

So, we put together some suggestions. Here is a list of Quinceanera and Sweet 16 theme ideas . . .

Masquerade/Mardi Gras
Very popular theme. You can go the route of the musical “Phantom of the Opera” as a Masquerade Ball, or do a Mardi Gras affair with confetti and beads.

Paris Party
This is the theme to show off the sophisticated you! The favorite decoration of the Eiffel Tower and the bold colors like black, hot pink and gold will make your guests go “ooh-la-la!”

Also very popular theme. You can choose a Disney motif like Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Under-the-Sea or Little Mermaid, Arabian Nights or Aladdin. The Cinderella Ball works great because it goes with your dream-come-true magical night!

Doing a butterfly theme is a good way to spotlight the “new you” on your special day, like the beautiful butterfly that emerges from its caterpillar phase and becomes an adult.

A good theme to focus on you as the star of your party.

Western or Cowboy theme
This one could be a lot of fun, especially if your party is outdoors.

Hawaiian Luau
Another good theme for an outdoor party. Don’t forget the leis (the flower necklaces) for your guests!

Winter Wonderland theme
Especially with sparkly snowflakes! We get asked for winter wonderland invitations every year, so this has become a popular theme.

Animal Print
Here you can go Zebra print with blacks and whites, or Cheetah with golds and browns. Be extra daring and add a theme color, like purple, turquoise or fuchsia.

Other popular themes are CandylandBarbie, Fairies and Precious Moments.

Once you select your theme and colors, the great thing is that you can match your invitations and quinceanera accessories. Theme designs are available for your guest book, photo album, kneeling pillow, Last Doll, invitations, personalized napkins, and even Bibles.

Hope this gives you some ideas on choosing a theme for your party.

Just remember, your only limitation is your imagination!