Royal Carriage Toasting Set


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Royal Carriage Toasting Set

Introducing our newest Toasting Set, a stunning ensemble that combines elegance and charm to elevate your special moment!

Bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider: Choose the color for your set to match your theme. And choose the embroidery to read Mis 15 Años or My Sweet 16.

Champagne Glasses: Paired with the champagne bottle are two champagne glasses. Each is intricately decorated with satin ribbon, bows, and delicate flowers.

Cake Knife and Server: Completing the ensemble are a cake knife and server, both elegantly decorated to match the theme.

Mirrored Tray: Presented on a round mirrored tray, the entire set reflects the beauty of each element.

Mini-Quinceañera in a Pumpkin Coach Carriage: adds a touch of fairy-tale magic. A miniature quinceañera sits in a charming pumpkin coach carriage. Pulled by a majestic white horse, this enchanting figurine captures the essence of the celebration.

Our Royal Carriage Toasting Set combines craftsmanship, beauty, and a touch of magic, designed to make your Brindis unforgettable!  (Decorations may vary.)


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