Fairytale Castle Toasting Set


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Fairytale Castle Toasting Set

Charm your guests with this spectacular Fairytale Castle Toasting Set!  A perfect complement to your fairytale setting. And, it offers everything you need to make the Brindis and cake cutting at your celebration truly unforgettable.

A charming quinceañera in a vibrant gown is set against a striking decorative castle backdrop. The set also includes a lavishly adorned bottle of Sparkling Cider. To complement the occasion, indulge in two beautifully decorated glass champagne flutes and fourteen crafted acrylic champagne flutes. And that’s not all – for the cake cutting ceremony, matching cake knife and server are also included.

You choose:

  • the embroidery on the bottle to read Mis 15 Años or My Sweet 16
  • the colors that will allow you to tailor the set to your personal preferences.

Elevate your celebration with this enchanting set and create memories that will last a lifetime.

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