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Celebration on a Budget

your Budget for your Quinceanera
or Sweet Sixteen Celebration

The best way to work with a tight budget is to PLAN, PLAN, PLAN.

Write everything down that you would like to have for your celebration in a list. The Quinceanera Planning Guide gives you a complete Budget Planning Checklist that you can work with.

Then, start pricing out what everything on your list will cost. If the total is more than you want to spend, look at each individual expense and come up with different, creative ways that will accomplish the same thing, but at a lesser cost.

You will have to be resourceful and you will have to compromise. You can still have a wonderful blast of a time without all of the frills.

Planning a Budget Conscious Celebration for your
Quince or Sweet Sixteen

Nobody likes to skimp on celebrations, but cutting your budget doesn't have to mean sacrificing quality and fun. A Quinceanera or Sweet Sixteen celebration doesn't have to be costly to give your young woman a party she'll remember all her life.

Provide Customized, Personal Transportation

Parents traditionally have a limousine take the family from their home to the festivities, there are a couple of much less costly options. Do you have a friend or relative with an SUV or other multi-passenger vehicle? This can be used instead of hired transportation and you can decorate it inside with flowers and garland to make it even more festive. You can also rent one from a car rental agency for a fraction of the cost of a limousine.

Cut the Cost, Not the Quality on the Reception!

Will the ceremony be held in a church or the same place as the reception? You might consider having the clergy come to the reception instead of also utilizing the church. Part of the reception area can be beautifully decorated at very little expense for this purpose. This is a wonderful time to pass down a family rosary, prayer book or small Bible.

You can also cut expenses by calling around to your local fraternal organizations such as the VFW or ask if you can rent your parish hall. Quite often these types of halls have much more personality and guest-friendly facilities than do commercial halls and they rent at a fraction of the price. For decorations you can use the local discount fabric store for bunting, banners, tablecloths, ribbons and lace. You can also plan ahead enough and save up to 90% on silk flowers by buying at the change of seasons!

Provide a Memorable Menu and Entertainment

You'll save hundreds if you bypass the caterer and bring your own food. A trip to your local delicatessen can provide professionally arranged hors d'oeuvres or canapés. You can visit a favorite eatery of the Quinceanera and arrange for entrees and side dishes that will provide a sumptuous feast at about half the cost of a caterer. Most restaurants will even deliver at a specified time. Renting or borrowing some warming trays will keep the food warm and fresh throughout the celebration.

Instead of hiring a DJ, there are many young people in her school who are just as skilled as the professionals and might even entertain for free if they are a close friend. Otherwise you might consider a local band of retirees who will play for a nominal fee. Kids in the school band might also like to pick up some extra income but be sure that they have the skill and enthusiasm for the task.

All Those Extras Don't Have to Break the Budget!

The Quinceanera's dress is one of the few expenses that you really don't want to cut but did you know that you can get a beautiful ball gown without going to a bridal shop? There are stunning gowns at www.Quinceanera-Boutique.com for 75% less than you'll see at the bridal shops your young woman would usually shop. She won't be confined to just a few styles or colors; in fact, it may be hard for her to choose among all the breathtaking styles and colors available to her. You may also want to look at their selection of beautiful tiaras and other traditional ceremony gifts if you'd like to save even more on your budget

You will need small token gifts for the Court of Honor, too. These don't have to be costly but they do have to be thoughtful. You could get monogrammed gifts such as bracelets for girls and key fobs for boys or even some personalized bathrobes that they will enjoy and treasure.

You'll get some great photographs by providing guests with disposable cameras rather than hire a photographer who can't possibly get the candid shots that her friends and family can.

Your Quinceanera will have a celebration you will all treasure forever and you won't have to sacrifice your budget if you take a few of these cost-cutting measures.

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