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Looking for the perfect Quince Invitation?

Here are 2 things to do first.

(1) Do a count of your guests. It’s easy!

Knowing that you are planning for 200 guests does not mean that you need 200 invitations. Take a sheet of paper and make two columns. For the first column heading, write “Name,” and for the second column heading, write “Number of Persons.” Now, begin listing all of the people/families that you want to invite. In the second column next to their name, guesstimate how many people they would bring. For example, if you invite the Perez Family that consists of mom, dad and three teenage children that would attend, you will note “5” in the column “Number of Persons.” Continue writing in names of family/friends and their count. Then add each column.

If you have written 85 names with a total of 175 persons, you are where you need to be to accommodate 200 guests. The number of invitations you want to order would be 100. As the date draws closer, you will have extra invitations for last-minute guest additions. (Remember: It is way cheaper to add an extra 25 invitations to your order, than to go back to your printer and place a second order for 25 more.)

(2) Determine what you need to say on your invitation. 

Notice I said “need” to say, not “want” to say. Do you need to include information for a church ceremony AND for the reception? Do you need to include the Padrinos? Court of Honor? Do you need both English and Spanish?

Knowing what you need to say will guide you to look for an invitation that has the space that you need.

Horizontal Z-Fold Quince Invitation

Horizontal Z-Fold InvitationIf you need your invitation wording in both English and Spanish, you can have both printed on the same invitation, but only if you choose a card that has two areas for printing. The horizontal Z-fold card is a good card for this. When you open the invitation, it has a left side for printing and a right side. You can print English on one side and Spanish on the other. The printer will usually charge for two separate orders if you request one quantity in English and another quantity in Spanish. So, having both English and Spanish on the same card will save you money.

Vertical Z-Fold Quince Invitation

Vertical Z-Fold InvitationThe vertical Z-fold card has an upper panel and a lower panel. Here you can print your verse on the upper panel and list your Court or Padrinos on the lower panel.

Flat Card, Digitally Printed Invitation

Flat Card Digital InvitationMany of the newer invitations are digitally printed flat cards. While they may look snazzy, you will be limited to a very few number of lines.

Reception or Respond Card

Reception Response CardIf you need people to respond back to you to let you know whether or not they will be attending and the number of people they will bring, you will need a Respond Card with Envelope. Many invitations have a smaller matching card that can be used for this purpose … but not all of them do. If you will need the Respond Card, or a smaller card to fit your Reception information, look for an invitation that offers a matching smaller card or shop for one at Invitation Accessories.

Here at Quinceanera-Boutique.com, we have a variety of styles and colors. Check out our invitation selections.

So, before you fall in love with an invitation, make sure it can accommodate all you want to say. And, with your count in hand, you will save money by ordering just what you need.